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Our company was formed in 1990. We have been specializing in production of separators, to separate meat from bones for poultry or other small animals, such as rabbits or fishes. These separators are manufactured in the form of heads screwed on (fixed to) grinders (mincers) mainly having size form W 160 mm to W 200 mm.

After instalation of the head on grinder (it takes approx. 5 min.) we get a professional, very productive separator which separates on poultry bodies ( after previous cutting off the fillets) the poultry meat from bones, with yields from 500 kg/h to 3000 kg/h (depending on the type of grinder) and efficiency 58% to 86%. Obtained meat mass has very good quality and compiles with the standards.

After removal of the head from grinder, it still can fulfil its tasks as a mincer. Our head, due to its different design, is very durable and reliable and in comparison with other machines of such kind it doesn't require freqent regeneration which ensures considerable savings.
We also produce grinders (mincers) of various sizes and we can offer batter mixers of various sizes.

W-107882 HEAD

Is a boning head used for mechanical separation of bones from meat, excellent for poultry and other smaller animals including fish. If fine, crushed pig bones or cattle are available this machine also works fine. The head is compatible with "WOLF" - type, size W - 160 and W -200 machinery.

The head is patented under Patent No W - 107882.
This device is an answer to expensive imported machines. Its top technical solutions excel. It is easy to operate, durable and boasts great performance, both in output and in achieved percentage of processed material.T he head may be used as a crusher or as a separator. Function change takes; one way or the other, from a ,,wolf' to a separator, five to ten minutes. The machine is made of stainless steel materials. It does not, like other machines of such type, require sharpening during use. It may be operated perpetually. Thanks to its qualities outputs achieved are always at their best. Depending on type of material and type of the "wolf and its preparation it may work:
"Spomasz Zary single snail WOLF" W -160; over 500 kg / hour; "THE ANGLE WOLF" - about 3000 kg / hour.

Meat output, when worked from poultry material is about 58 - 86 % from chicken and hen bodies. Resulted high quality of the meat matter meets Polish and international standards.
Meat matter worked with the head may be the basic ingredient to produce Danish sausages, minced cutlets, hamburgers etc or used as a binding and filling matter. Since the cellular structure is preserved, product's binding properties remain excellent. A dozen or so such heads are under operation in Poland, similar and earlier types as well. They have been running for many years without any malfunctions or guarantee claims. Price of the W - 107882 head is equal to about 10% of the price of similar special western device. Please do not hesitate to contact the producer for further information. 
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